Nice try, but even sex toys can't make a visit to a kids' indoor play centre fun.




Has the owner of this soft-play place just thought of a way to make the places less hellish? Or is it a deeply inappropriate cross-promotion?

Because 110 women will be at a Melbourne children’s play centre on Friday night. But not for the reason you’d think.

Topless waiters and adult sex toys will also be taking over the centre. And some parents are outraged about it.

The Absolute Kaos Indoor Play Centre in Melton is allowing a three-hour ‘special ladies night’ to take place in their building.

The play centre in Melton (via Facebook)

The event has sold pre-purchased $20 tickets which include finger food and a glass of wine on arrival served by topless waiters. The women will also be treated to makeovers and a facial.

Additionally there will be 40 stalls on the night that will sell a rather diverse range of products. The women will be able to purchase everything from kids clothing through to sex products.

Like this:

And this:


But hosting an ‘adults only’ night at a childcare centre seems a little off to some parents, who have complained about the suitability of the event at such a location.

“Imagine my horror if one of their children found a sexual product in the ball pit,” one parent said to the Herald Sun,

The company running the event on Friday is called Princess Events, and Melanie Farrugia who spoke on behalf of them has told the media that the ladies night was a private event, it was not being run by the play centre and that there were rules in place to make sure nothing got out of hand.

“It’s not a sleazy thing and even though we are having topless waiters attend this event, it was going to be a classy night out for ladies while raising funds for charity,” Ms Farrugia told the Herald Sun.

Owner of Absolute Kaos, Colin Khan has said that there are strict rules for the night and that if he sees anything being done that shouldn’t be done, or any inappropriate acts he will take action.

It’s been reported that the play centre had received a threat since announcing the event.

We just hope no sex toys turn up in the ball pit on Monday.

Do you think holding an event like this out of hours at a childrens’ play place is okay?