Lachlan from Married at First Sight has been inundated with 300 offers from single women.

They’re some saucy offers.

The farmer from Married at First Sight, Lachlan McAleer told A Current Affair that he and his ‘wife’ from the show have now separated and he is back on the market.

It seems that he is quite the eligible bachelor too. Even though he didn’t find everlasting love on the reality TV show it looks like the single lad won’t be single for long.

Lachlan has been inundated with ‘offfers’ from women to go on dates, to marry them – he’s even been asked if he wants to see one woman’s breasts. Oh the choices.

The bachelor has just opened an Instagram account. His second photo posted on the account was one of him and his puppy, Snoop Dog getting ready for their ACA interview. The photo opened up an array of comments from available women wanting to get to know Lachlan.

Lachlan getting ready for ACA. Image via @lachiemcaleer Instagram.

He captioned the image with, "Getting ready for ACA interview tonight at 7pm. Snoop Dogg is resting up for hard hitting questions as well!"

And then the female fans exploded. Here's some of the offers he received. (Post continues after the gallery...)

It's barely 24 hours since Lachlan announced that he and Clare were no longer together, and he already has over 300 offers from women on social media (and it's rising).

Speaking to A Current Affair on Wednesday night the eligible bachelor admitted he would really like to find love because he does get lonely and he'd like to find someone to fill that hole.

He was surprised by the responses he'd had since the show - such a modest man. (Post continues after video...)

The farmer also told ACA that he and Clare were still friends.

"I'm still in contact with Clare, we're still friends, we caught up a couple of weeks ago," he told the show.

It looks as though Lachlan will be making a lot more friends soon too.

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