Same-sex marriage: Labor MP Susan Lamb makes emotional call for legislation in maiden speech.

By political reporter Stephen Dziedzic

A federal Labor MP has fought back tears while calling for same-sex marriage during an emotional maiden speech to Parliament.

Susan Lamb defeated former Coalition minister Wyatt Roy to win the seat of Longman in Queensland.

She reflected on becoming a mother while still a teenager and praised her family — including her four sons — in the speech.

But she said one of her sons did not have the right to marry under the current laws.

“Those of us who are parents understand the innate instinct to fight against the unfair treatment of our children,” Ms Lamb said.

“So today while I stand here incredibly proud to be a member of Parliament, I carry a sense of disillusionment that our laws treat the love of one son inferior to that of his brothers.

“Discrimination against vulnerable minorities should never be a point of national debate, its mere existence should be the cause of immediate action.

“For me this matter is deeply personal — but this issue affects many, many Australians.

“Regardless of the outcome, the holding of a plebiscite is deeply offensive to LGBTI Australians and it’s deeply insulting to those who love them.”

This post originally appeared on ABC News.

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