He lost his fiancé and gained a son on the same day.

Wayde and Kyden. (Photo: Facebook)


The Queensland man whose fiancé died during childbirth earlier this month has called for more research into the condition that took her life.

The ABC reports Wayde Kelly said he’s struggling to understand how his partner, Kymberlie Shepherd, could pass away so suddenly.

“It’s rare and unexpected, but so is a snakebite but they’ve got anti-venom for that,” he said, according to the ABC.

“She was holding my hand, they went to get oxygen for her and she let go… it’s something you can’t unsee.

“Every morning I’ve woken with that image in my head.”

Mr Kelly also shared more photos of their beautiful son Kyden on Facebook, posting images of the little boy visiting his grandmother — as well as images of a memorial service for Kymberlie’s, after which wellwishers released balloons into the sky.

“I know she is up there looking over us and helping me look after Kyden and would be so happy with the display of love this arvo,” he wrote.

“Thanks to Everyone who did anything to assist. I will be around, back and forth but never the same without my partner in life.”

Kyden visiting his grandmother. (Photo: Facebook)

Mr Kelly added in a separate Facebook post that he had been “getting the word out” about the position, posting on Saturday to say the Amniotic Fluid Embolism Foundation had been “very supportive”.

A celebration of Ms Shepherd’s life was held this morning in Mudgeereeba, Queensland. Guests wore bright colours to the ceremony in her memory.

Amniotic Fluid Embolism occurs when amniotic fluid or fetal material enters the maternal bloodstream. Its cause is not exactly known and there is no proven effective treatment; it also cannot be predicted or prevented, according to the ABC.

Previously, Mamamia wrote:

Kyden Thomas Bede Kelly entered the world last Thursday, 16 October.

On that same day, his mother — Kymberlie Shepherd, 26 — tragically left it.

Now, Kyden’s heartbroken father Wayde Kelly, 26, has spoken out about the rare complication that killed his “soulmate” and fiancé — and has shared photos of the beautiful little son he must now raise alone.

“The most amazing, beautiful, caring, selfless, funny, bubbly and loving individual has been taken from me and this world way too soon,” the devastated new father wrote on Facebook on 17 October.

Wayde and Kymberlie. (Photo: Facebook)

“For Kym, becoming a mum was what she has always wanted to do. We had to travel the word, get our dream jobs, buy a dog and do everything that we would one day want to do first. We finally had and it was time to have a baby!” he wrote.

“Her final selfless act in this world was to deliver her beautiful, health(y), 7lb 15oz son…. Earth has truly lost an angel, I have lost my other half.”

Mr Kelly described Ms Shepherd’s labour at a Perth hospital to Perth Now.

“They said the baby’s nearly here — she was trying to push and then she said she felt light-headed,” he said.


“I was holding her hand and I looked away for a second, and she just let go of my hand and had a bit of a fit,” he said. “I was watching her lose colour. It’s something I’ll never forget. The last thing I saw was the smallest nurse jump on the gurney and start giving chest compressions and at that point I felt sick.”

Ms Shepherd had suffered an amniotic fluid embolism — a condition that occurs when foetal material or amniotic fluid enters the maternal bloodstream.

(Photo: Facebook)

Perth Now reports the condition affects just 6.1 of every 100,000 deliveries.

“At first I couldn’t look at him without crying,” he told the newspaper of his little son.

But this morning, Mr Kelly shared photos of Kyden on Facebook, writing: “A lot of people been asking for pics… Such an unusual time but Kymberlie Shepherd would want people to see him.”

“The little bloke is doing really well,” he wrote. “Thanks so much to everyone helping, chatting, sharing with everything, it has been so so so overwhelming.”

Now, family and friends of Wayde and Kyden have set up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for the little boy.

“If you know Wayde, you know he will be a great father and be able to provide more than enough love and caring for little Kyden in the absence of his mother.

“However, a little help and support from those that love him and Kym will go a long way,” the page reads.

“The amount of love and support that the Kelly’s and Shepherd’s (sic) are receiving is astounding and truly is a testament to the everlasting impression Kym has left on all of us,” it says.

(Photo: Kimmy's Legacy)
Kymmy and Wayde. (Photo: Kymmy’s Legacy)

“We are sure Kym will be watching over Kyden and his daddy, however, times will be tough for them both, as well as their close family and friends as they adjust to life without Kym’s beautiful presence in it.”

To donate to the fund, click here.