Kyly Clarke is more than just her post baby body.

Kyly Clarke flaunts taut tummy just months after giving birth,” the headline on exclaimed.

“It’s been less than four months since Kyly Clarke gave birth, but the Aussie model is already back in incredible shape — and keen to show it off,” the piece opened.

Is she? Is she really ‘keen to show it off’?

Kyly, last night at the Myer Autumn 2016 Racing Launch. image via getty

"The former Australian Swimwear Model of the Year fronted up to the Myer Autumn Fashion Launch in a stylish dark-green two-piece number, with just enough flesh flashing to show that SOMEONE’S been doing their sit-ups."

Who?! Who has been doing their sit ups? I'm dying to know.

Okay, sorry. I'll stop being snarky. Let me tell you what I want to celebrate about Kyly Clarke.

The woman had a baby less than four months ago and is out of the house, having clearly had a shower and with no milk spit up down her shoulder.

What a freakin' super star.


Kyly has a lifestyle blog, Lyfestyled, where despite the slightly dubious spelling you can buy some very nice things, and read insights from Kyly's life and experience.

She has written a book, True to You, which she dedicates to her daughter, Kelsey Lee.

She has been an actress and a television presenter. She has a lot to say about health and wellbeing and fitness.

Like all women, Kyly Clarke is more than her body. She's more than her post baby body. I have no doubt that the kind of breathless reporting of Kyly Clarke's 'taut tummy' treated us to this morning is very flattering on one level. But on another level, it's also just a wee bit insulting.

I hate to be a broken record, but let's ask her more. Let's ask Kyly what she's working on, how she feels about her achievements, what her plans for the future are, how she's enjoying (or perhaps not enjoying - let's not make any assumptions) motherhood, what kind of mother she wants to be, what she wants to teach her daughter about the world.

Because, my bet is, Kyly is probably pretty interested in teaching her daughter that she can achieve great things in her life, that she has huge potential, that she can be fierce and brave and bold and smart and kind, that she is more than her appearance.

We have reached out to Kyly to ask her the questions above. If we hear back, we'll let you know.