Kyly Clarke's Lyfestyled launches new fitness kick.

Kyly Clarke, former model turned WAG, entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, scented candle maker and mother has launched her latest venture.

And the whole team at Lyfestyled are getting on board.

Kyly announed the new project on Instagram earlier today, as the #LS2020 Fitness and Health campaign.

“20 ideas in 20 days is our promise to you – so you can come along with us on a health kick that will stick.”

On, the team write “Kyly has always believed in an active routine that can be easily integrated into your daily schedule- consisting of short, high-intensity workouts that can be done anywhere at anytime!

The health kick will feature, ” workout programs, healthy recipes, fitness motivation and our favourite style tips so you can look great ‘on the run’” and promises to be a holistic approach to life where “The idea is to be fit not skinny.”

Kyly with husband Michael Clarke last year. Image via Instagram.

Kyly is inviting fans to get involved and get on board. "While 20 days might not be enough time to complete your desired transformation, our hope is to take a step together towards a fun and lasting approach to fitness.

"Get posting and use our hashtag #LS2020 so we can follow your progress!"

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