"They’re like two dollars." Kyly Clarke shops at Aldi for these wipes.

You beauty - Kyly Clarke's skincare secret costs less than $2. Image: Aldi.

Kyly Clarke has access to some of the best makeup talents, products and insider knowledge but at home she’s all about keeping it quick, simple and effective.

While her beauty cabinet boasts an enviable array of brands like Nars, Estee Lauder, Clinique and ModelCo, there’s one product in particular that she swears by, and you can quite literally add it to your shopping list.

“I make sure that I always sleep with no makeup on – that’s just rule number one, making sure your face does get the opportunity to breath. In the morning, I cleanse with an Aldi wipe – they’re like two dollars for 80 of them!” she told Beauticate.

Yes, the secret to Clarke’s glowing skin (along with pregnancy!) will cost you just $1.99. Add to cart. Immediately. (Post continues after gallery.)

Clarke and husband Michael announced they were expecting their first child in July and the 34 year old says she’s already had to change up her beauty routine.

“In the first few months [of pregnancy] I did notice a change in my skin but I think the best thing is to make sure that you remove your makeup as soon as you get home and stay as fresh and hydrated as possible. I have made an effort to apply more hydrating creams during the day such as Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist and their Night Repair Eye Cream,” she told Beauticate, a beauty website run by Sigourney Cantelo.

The Lyfestyled founder also a fan of at-home treatments, ensuring she always makes time for a DIY facial at the weekend.

“Doing a proper cleanse, a really good scrub, getting rid of the dead skin cells, then a nice toner and putting a really good hydration mask on. I think we forget about those things, I think that everyone is quite time-poor, especially when you have businesses or you’re a parent – but you have to give back,” she said.

You beauty - Kyly Clarke's skincare secret costs less than $2. Image: Aldi.

She's equally as low key when it comes to her hair, preferring the two-day-old look (amen, sister) and is firmly on the dry shampoo bandwagon.

"I love Batiste Dry Shampoo, especially the travel size. It's perfect for the handbag and a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon when your hair has gone flat," she told Beauticate. 

And while pregnancy is certainly changing her work and at home routine, Clarke says she can't wait to be a mum.

"Pregnancy has been so lovely. Sure there are some very tired moments, and taking more rest than normal seems to aid in the best result, but I'm so excited to meet my bundle of joy," she said.

Have you tried Aldi beauty products before? What did you think?

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