Kylie: ‘Yes I’ve had botox’. World: ‘NO…really?’


Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Anna Bligh…..this week Kylie joins the plethora of famous women who have admitted to having their faces jabbed with botulism toxin. I’m tempted to go get Botox just so I can make a confession about it. KIDDING.
You know, I had a realisation a few weeks ago that I’ve totally painted myself into a corner with my bitching about Botox. If I went and had it now, I would feel like a total hypocrite (although that hasn’t stopped me from doing a u-turn about various things in the past….). Maybe painting myself into a corner on this issue is a good way of making sure I don’t cave into my own vanity. Help me out, people.
Hey, I have no problem with anyone getting Botox (although on some level I am disturbed about the idea of women erasing their facial expressions to look Stepford Wife-like. Don’t we need our angry faces, ladies? I certainly do).
ANYWAY. Botox is a decision for an individual to make for herself. Or (ugh) himself.
Which brings me back to Kylie who has MOST DEFINITELY had Botox and many, many other procedures on her face. She’s never denied any of that which is why I think she doesn’t inspire the same kind of anger a certain other sunscreen-loving Australian icon does….
In this month’s UK Elle, Kylie reveals:

“‘I’m definitely not one of those people who says,
‘You shouldn’t do this.’ Everyone individually can do what they want. I
also think it doesn’t have the stigma that it had when I was growing
up… For all time women have wanted to, for the most part, look their
best. It’s just that what we have available to us today is – what it is
today. And if you want to take advantage of it, yeah. I’m preferring to
be a lot more… natural these days. I’ve tried Botox, I’ve tried all…”
(all what, we will never know!).

[source: GWAS]

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