"Don't worry Dad, they are never far!" Kylie Minogue's famous curls make a comeback.

Image: Kylie at the 2015 ARIA Awards (Getty)

These days, we usually see Kylie Minogue on the red carpet with her hair poker-straightslightly waved or slicked back into an updo.

But back in the ’80s, Kylie’s head of golden ringlets was just as famous — and beloved — as her Locomotion moves.

During her run as mechanic Charlene Mitchell on Neighbours, and the early days of her stellar pop career, it was all about the au natural curls that probably inspired thousands of perms around the country.

An 80s-era shot of Kylie and those curls. (Image: Getty)

But then, Kyles chopped them all off in favour of a peroxide pixie cut, and since then she's been consistently mixing her style up.

Honestly, we reckon the 47-year-old looks fabulous regardless of what her hair's up to. But we were a little excited when her retro ringlets popped up in our Instagram and Twitter feeds yesterday.


"Today the curls are BACK!!" she tweeted, alongside what appeared to be a behind-the-scene snap from a photoshoot. And back they were in all their tumbling glory, though cropped a little shorter than they used to be.

They're baa-aaack. (Image: Instagram/@kylieminogue)

This is all very exciting for longtime Kylie followers, many of whom shared their joy.

"For the next era bring the curls and the adidas look back!" one wrote.

"Add a hat-rim and it's 1988 again! Unbelievable!" another commented

However, the singer says there's one fan in particular who'll be happy to see the return of the ringlets.

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"#curls... Awwww, my Dad will love this. I remember years ago when he saw me after I'd cut my hair into a pixie crop. Let's just say, it wasn't his favourite, hah!," she wrote on Instagram.

"He said, 'Where have all your golden curls gone?' Don't worry Dad, they are never far!"

We're glad to hear it, Kylie — but will they make a permanent comeback? We should be so lucky...

What's your favourite era of Kylie Minogue's career?

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