Kylie Jenner spent her Saturday night exactly like you did. Home alone with her dogs.

It’s rare to scroll through a celebrity’s social media offerings and think, ‘hey, they’re  just like me’, and it’s even rarer for that to happen when you’re creeping on one of the Kardashians.

But on Saturday night Kylie Jenner was all of us, after she was forced to spend the night home alone when her friends ditched her.

The 18-year-old did exactly what anyone would do in the situation too, she documented her slow decline into madness on her Snapchat account.

“All my friends cancelled on me,” she complained to her fans before revealing she’d just been cracking up over a funny meme from her boyfriend Tyga.

Same tbh. Source: Snapchat

It began with a video of her tiny puppy Penny trying to climb down the stairs of her and grew into a full-blown Q&A session as the model answered questions from her 18.2 million Twitter followers. Okay, maybe it wasn't totally relatable,

"Okay so I have 10%, my phone is going to die so ask me questions on Twitter," she posted on Snapchat, dressed in a comfy-looking brown top and the social media service's incredibly stylish dog filter.


The Snapchat dog filter never looked so good. Source: Snapchat

As the questions flooded in, so did the responses on Snapchat.

Jenner's first dog, Norman the greyhound was a Christmas gift from Tyga.

She also refused to reveal the details of her Halloween costume and admitted she did want kids, just not yet, which seems fair judging by her growing brood of canines.

Seriously, look at these little guys. Source: Snapchat

We also learned her high school nickname was "Candy" and she didn't mean to dye her hair quite such a blonde shade of, um, blonde, despite a year of planning.

Apparently, she also eats her pomegranate seeds.

"You will kill yourself trying to please everybody it will never happen and once you accept that, you're chilling," she told her fans.

You keep doing you, Kylie.

Also, here she is picking up dog shit: