Is Kylie Jenner pregnant... again? An investigation.

Remember that time Kylie Jenner went into hibernation for nine months whilst she grew a real life human being in her stomach? WELL. The rumour mill is running overtime in speculation that a Stormi 2.0 is on its way.

And whilst the rumours are easy to dismiss, I seem to remember that such behaviour is exactly how we all reacted to the gossip that she was pregnant in 2017.

And this time round we shan’t be fooled. Especially considering Jenner said on Snapchat last October she indeed “want[s] another baby, but ‘when’ is the question.” And that “when”, could be right nowas we speak.

So whilst we respect her privacy, and, you know, right to her own personal information, we would also just like to present the (some more dubious than others) signs that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, again.


1. Stormi is being clingy.

Little Stormi, now one, has been clinging to her mum as per Kylie Jenner’s Instagram as of late.

In this video posted a few days ago, Jenner says to Stormi who is lying on her chest: “Girl. You gotta do things without me!”

But despite replying “Yea”, Stormi remained content and comfortable in her mum’s arms.


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i love our little conversations ???????? ????????☀️

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This A) could suggest that she’s being clingy because she is sensing that her mother has a new baby on the way, or B) could be because she is yet to understand the English language.

But of course fans speculated the former, and are adamant that a new Jenner will arrive soon.

“They say girls cling when you are pregnant with a boy,” one user commented.

“Pregnant you know baby [sic] are clingy when the mother is pregnant,” another added.

2. Is she hiding a bump?

Oh. Apparently this photo is a sign she is pregnant because of her strategically placed hands and handbag.

But also, precisely nobody’s pregnant belly looks like that. Which makes this sign just a little questionable.


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ice me out????????

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3. She actually said it herself in February.


This really is the most steadfast clue we have, with the makeup mogul in fact referring to “Baby #2” just last month.

Posting a photo looking all loved up with her boyfriend Travis Scott, this was the catalyst for all rumours since.


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baby #2?

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Although she denied that she was pregnant after posting this, that doesn’t mean they weren’t…trying. And she’s now pregnant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And just one last little clue… Kim Kardashian has confirmed she has a baby on the way right now. And we all know the Kardashian sisters like to be pregnant at the same time.

But honestly who knows if Kylie Jenner has a baby on the way. Because if there is one thing this woman is good at, apart from creating billion dollar companies, it’s surprising her fans. And sometimes that surprise is a real-life baby.