Kylie Jenner's pop-up shop came with a list of very strict rules.

Kylie Jenner’s foray into cosmetics has been on the up and up since the reality TV alum launched her first batch of (wildly popular) Lip Kits.

Several sold-out launches later — including an eye palette — the 19-year-old has taken the next logical step by opening Kylie Cosmetics pop-up stores in the States, stocking her various makeup and fashion products.

As with just about anything Kardashian/Jenner related, the pop-ups generated a crazy amount of fanfare. By all accounts, simply entering the stores involved hours upon hours of waiting:

The empire ???????????? it’s all for you ❤️ See you soon x #TheKylieShop

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But what’s getting fans talking is the set of very strict guidelines all customers must adhere to in and outside the store.

Racked reporter Zan Romanoff was among the throng at Kylie’s Topanga Westfield pop-up in Los Angeles, and her observations were… eye-opening, to say the least.


To begin with, nobody was even allowed to walk by a staircase situated in front of the store until it opened at 10am.

A comprehensive list of rules posted outside stipulated that anyone waiting in the line must remain standing the entire time (a big ask considering some fans waited several hours).

Furthermore, fans who exited the queue for whatever reason were expected to return to it with the original people they joined it with. In other words… take a toilet break at your peril, lipstick lovers.

After receiving their customary wristbands, customers weren’t able to leave the line. At all. Or they’d be shunted right back to the end of it.


The rules didn’t end with the line, either. Each fan was given limited time in store — 20 mins of shopping, 10 minutes at the checkout — and restricted to three purchases each.

You might argue that these guidelines served the purpose of maintaining calm and control, and that would be fair enough. Yet as Romanoff reported after her experience, the store’s treatment of its customers was accompanied with “a real indignity.”

Kylie Jenner does not look fondly upon queue toilet breaks. (Image: Instagram)

"The Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop Experience forces you to submit to it on its terms: show up at some absurd hour and then wait, and even how you wait is proscribed — posted rules state that you cannot sit in line, you must stand — and then you get a wristband and 20 minutes in a store where there are no prices posted," she described.

"They won’t tell you what you’re spending until you get to the register, so that you can pretend money isn’t an object for you, just like it isn’t for Kylie.

"And it’s all packaged as if this thing is supposed to be a treat for you, a very limited-edition gift that you’re to feel lucky and special for having been given access to."

And here you were thinking regular Christmas shopping was hellish enough.