We road test Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits.

Unless you’ve been living under a Kardashian-proof rock, you’ve probably have heard of Kylie Jenner’s ‘Lip Kits‘.

One of the most-hyped up cosmetic releases this year, it’s a set containing a matching lip liner and liquid lipstick designed to give the wearer the illusion of Jenner-worthy pouty lips.

The day my Lip Kit arrived, I didn’t need much help in the way of blown up lips. No, I hadn’t had fillers – I’d woken up with a delightful cluster of cold sores on my upper lip.

Watch: The find: the product that combines lipstick and lipliner. Post continues after video.

Yes, there’s nothing like spending an eyewatering $102 online (two lip kits plus shipping) on a makeup purchase you have never tried before, bugging the postman for a week and a half while you wait for the package to arrive, and then having painful, angry looking blisters stand in your way. #Glamorous.



Then I recalled a tip I’d learnt from Zoe Foster-Blake about the wonders of liquid lipstick in semi-camouflaging cold sores. Forget lasting through coffee or burgers, surely this would be the ultimate test to put the lip kit through its paces?

For hygiene reasons, I would never apply a product direct to a cold sore, tingling or not – you’re just asking to spread it all over your lips. My go-to solution is Compeed patches as not only do they help treat it, but they provide the perfect cover to minimise the appearance of cold sores.


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Simply line up the circular patch with your lip and trim or tuck under as necessary. Then it was time to apply the product.

After finally giving into the hype after months of resistance (not to mention hearing all of those mixed reviews), I was ready to be disappointed. Was I proven wrong.

I'd opted for Mary Jo K, a deep, dark but flattering blue-based red.

The matching lip pencil looked a little darker than I was expecting, but felt creamy without bleeding much and it applied easily without pulling on the skin. I used it to line and fill my lips, taking care when applying over the plastic patch.


What patch? Image: Supplied

The lipstick glided over the liner, with great pigmented colour. It dried quickly from shiny to matte and although felt a little dry on the lips it was certainly not uncomfortable. The vanilla scent was noticeable but not overpowering.

While the liner around my patch and cupid's bow required a little touch up, standing back from the mirror even I could barely see the coldsores or patch. Win.

I stepped out the bathroom, received three compliments in less than 15 minutes and even got a discount on my gnocchi for lunch. Thanks, Kylie. (Post continues after gallery.)

As for staying power? Like most bold colours, the liner did bleed a little as the day wore on and required a few little touch ups with concealer. Because the pencil is so creamy, it also became blunt within a day, so keep a sharpener on you.

Despite copious amounts of tea and pizza, the lipstick did not budge. Twelve hours later the colour was a little lighter but still there, helped by the liner underneath holding it in place. Fair warning though - the staying power comes with a price and it took a fair effort to remove it at the end of the day.


From L to R - first applied, five hours later, 12 hours later. Image: Supplied

I've since worn it twice sans cold sores and it's been equally impressive. It's long-lasting, you don't have to worry about ending up with stains all over your face and it's a universally flattering colour. Call me a sheep, but I'm firmly on the bandwagon.

Image: Supplied.

What did you think of the Lip Kits?