Workers who make Kylie Jenner's lip gloss say the conditions made them sick.

If the over the top promo video that dropped earlier this week is anything to go by, Kylie Jenner isn’t too fussed about throwing cash behind her cosmetics line. Unfortunately, the money mightn’t be reaching her workers.

The video, which has production value of a mini-Tarantino film, features the youngest of the Kardashian clan is seen looks lush in a Louis Vuitton headscarf and her newest lip gloss product, made by a company called Spatz Laboratories.

It seems the 18-year-old should have spent a little less on marketing and little more on manufacturing, however, with damning reports her products are made under “sweat shop”-like conditions.

Here’s a little of the video, of you missed it. Post continues after video… 

While several news sources have published the claims, they stem from a Radar Online “exclusive”, which is actually based entirely on reviews from workers found on another website, some of which are years old.

A post from January titled ‘Sweat Shop’ describes the pay as minimal and the work environment as “very uncomfortable.”

Source: Indeed.

Another, from February, says working with "make up particles made me cough and sick".

Source: Indeed.

An even earlier post gave the job two stars and said conditions in the factory were "unclean".


Source: Indeed.

The thing is these reports, while undeniably incriminating, fall between other, more positive impressions of the company, which overall holds a three star rating on the site.

Kylie with her mum Kris and the owners of Color Pop Cosmetics at Spatz Laboratories. Image: Instagram.

Even so, a 2006 inspection report of the facilities at the Oxnard factory by the FDA found three violations, including inappropriate and unsafe equipment.

These were apparently resolved soon after, however, and Spatz has not been in trouble since.

The company's CEO Mary Beth Siddons told Buzzfeed the new claims "are completely false and fabricated," in a statement.

"Spatz Laboratories proactively works to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees," she said. "We have implemented a number of initiatives to insure compliance to not only the law, but the standards set forth by cosmetic good manufacturing guidelines."

She added, "the health and wellness of our employees is a main priority."

Jenner has yet to respond.

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