Fans are actually imploding over the Kardashians' final Christmas Card.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you had a very, very disappointing Christmas.

I’m not talking about the fact that Aunty Gertrude bought you a lavender candle for the sixth year in a row. Or the fact that the Christmas turkey was just a little bit dry or you were force fed no less than THREE servings of pudding during dessert.

No. I’m talking about the moment you slunk away from your family, seeking a small slice of solitude, thinking, “I’ll just see what’s going on on Instagram.”

The moment you remembered that Boxing Day (Christmas Day in the US) marked the final day of the Kardashian Christmas card that Kim has been unveiling every day this month.

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Yep, the moment you realised Kylie Jenner had not yet appeared on any of the photos and that the final photo would SURELY, DEFINITELY feature her baby bump, and the trinity of Kardashian pregnancy confirmations would finally be complete.

But when you opened your Instagram app and looked upon the image, you were greeted with THIS instead:


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

That, dear friends, while a picture of a very attractive family wearing denim and white like it’s 1999, is also a photograph in which 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.



For 25 days we waited.

For 25 days we were convinced that Kylie – who was first rumoured to be pregnant way back in September – would give us the confirmation we so desperately needed wanted and arm us with at least seven minutes worth of conversation to take back to the family Christmas table.

But no. Instead we were given a whole lot of nothing.

Honestly, finding 65 lumps of coal from Santa at the bottom of your Christmas stocking would have been preferable.

kylie jenner question marks
WHERE R U, KYLIE?! Image via Instagram.

Fans were quick to air their frustration, telling Kim and the family that they had "ruined Christmas" and that the non-reveal was "worse than the time my dog got a paralysis tick and had to spend all of Christmas at the vet" (okay, that one was me... and yes, my dog is fine, thanks for checking).

kylie missing comments
Image via Instagram.

"What a rip off. Unfollowing," one fan wrote, while another said, "Somebody's missing."

Other comments said the entire card reveal was a "total letdown" and "I'm not liking the photo until I see Kylie."

The reactions on Twitter were even worse....or even more hilarious, if you want to look at it that way:



Now, the world Kardashian fans just feel a little empty... with no clear clues as to WHEN or HOW Kylie's pregnancy will be confirmed (or denied... JUST TELL US SOMETHING KRIS JENNER!)

Maybe Kylie will take matters into her own hands and reveal the news to her 100 million Instagram followers herself.

Or perhaps the first bit of news we'll be greeted with in 2018 is that of Kylie's baby.

Or maybe, just maybe, we should all just chill out, suck it up that we didn't get our way and hang out with our families instead of hiding in a dark room, scrolling through social media...

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