We've just had a rare tour inside Kylie Jenner's dreamy Tuscan-style mansion.

The words ‘Kylie Jenner’ and ‘quaint’ don’t really go together, do they?

We’re used to seeing ‘extra’ everything from the 21-year-old, and the humble abode where she’s raising her seven-month-old daughter Stormi is no different.

Over the weekend, the Kylie Cosmetics founder gave fans a virtual tour of her backyard dressed up as a nod to a beautiful, sunny Californian day.

But who gives a stuff about the weather because, mansion.

From the Instagram story, we can see a number of features of the youngest Kardashian/Jenner’s Tuscan-style property, most likely in or around the family’s natural habitat of Calabasas, LA.

kylie jenner house
Oh hey, Kylie's Tuscan-style balcony.
`kylie jenner house
Just casually overlooking the perfectly trimmed hedges and sprawling gardens.
kylie jenner house
Here we have the lovely casual seating area where Kylie (might) count her money.
kylie jenner house
Then we move around to the... oh, it's the same pool.
kylie jenner house
And it's still the same pool.
kylie jenner house
This is obvs where Serena plays when she comes over.
kylie jenner house
More pool, much relaxing. Images: Instagram/Kylie Jenner.

Such features include, but aren't limited to:

  • Trimmed box hedges.
  • Blue full-size tennis court, which also doubles as a basketball court, surrounded by stadium lights.
  • A cascading stone retainer wall garden.
  • Many, many white sun lounges.
  • A never ending, rectangular pool that winds around the backyard.
  • A grassed area for young Stormi to play on, complete with a mini soccer goal.
  • Several water features.
  • A fire pit area for family gatherings/counting money.
  • A pool house-style undercover area with an outdoor kitchen and further white sun lounges and sheer white curtains.
  • A balcony opening up off what may or may not be the main bedroom.
  • Romeo and Juliet-esque balconets where we assume Travis Scott rap serenades Kylie and Stormi.

It's a lot.

But hey, when you're worth almost a billion dollars, why not?

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