Fans have uncovered something a little disturbing about Kylie Jenner's new eye shadow.

If you’re not 100% up to date with Kylie Jenner‘s daily happenings, then you should know she just released a new eyeshadow palette.

Despite the product appearing to be relatively normal, it sold out within one minute.



That was the good news for the 18-year-old reality star/business owner.

But, it quickly ended when New Zealand beauty blogger, Shannon Harris, pointed out that Jenner’s product didn’t look particularly original.

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In fact, it looked quite similar to her own Shaaanxo eyeshadow palette.

Fans of both beauty idols were quick to jump on #TeamShannon or #TeamKylie.

One user pointed out that most eyeshadow products look the same, so meh?

With a strong #TeamShannon member pointing out:

Despite the backlash the blogger received (and the comments actually became quite hideous), she followed up with several tweets saying she didn’t even care.

All the DRAMA was for nothing.

She also apologised to all those #TeamKylie people out there who seemed to be quite upset by the accusations.