Kylie Jenner Snapchats her break-up with Tyga. Things got deep.

Despite the world labelling the Kardashian/Jenner clan narcissistic and self-obsessed, many people are feeling a tad bit sad for Kylie Jenner.

After two years together, the eighteen-year-old has revealed her relationship with 26-year-old performer, Tyga, has come to an end.

Just hours before the news the two had separated went public, Kylie and her sister, Khloe Kardashian, had a rather deep and meaningful conversation (over Scapchat).

In one video, Kylie told followers she had moved back to her mum’s house for a few days.

“Do any of you OGs remember my old bedroom? I think I’m gonna be in here for a few days, I miss it.”

Check out Kylie Jenner over the years. They grow up fast, don’t they? (Post continues after gallery.)


For a little bit, Kylie and Khloe just chat about what they’re watching on TV (Kylie’s watching Disney Channel, which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of).

Then things get deep.

Khloe stares down the camera and asks, “In three words, Kylie, who is Kylie Jenner?”


Oh lord. I get all sweaty even just trying to think of an answer to that, let alone tell the world.

Luckily enough, Kylie’s a pro at this so she’s got a pro, but emotional answer.

“Wow Khloe…deep question…,” she says.

“The real Kylie Jenner is sensitive, weird, and,” then she pauses for a little bit. “I don’t know. I love really hard.”

Many people rumour this is a direct reference to her breakup with Tyga.

kylie jenner breakup

Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Image via Getty.

Kylie then asks her sister, "Can you tell me who you think I am? Who you think Kylie Jenner is in three words?"

Khloe beautifully responds, "Kylie Jenner is so incredibly smart, deeply, deeply loving, and incredibly generous. Three words. I have a lot more words that you are but you said only three."

Sending in a Snapchat back, Kylie describes her sister in just three words.

"Khloe is also very generous. Khloe is very, very strong and she always puts everyone before her."

Kylie, you should just get some chocolate ice-cream, your sisters and binge watch Disney Channel for the next few days.

It'll make this break-up a whole lot easier.