Everyone's going gaga for the $81.80 mid-length dress Kylie Jenner wore to Tyga's birthday.

It’s pretty rare to be able to say “I can afford Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe“, but today I can say EXACTLY THAT, reader friends!

Clarification: I can afford precisely one item in her wardrobe. But still. Baby steps.

You see, the 19-year-old was busy partying for her partner Tyga’s 27th birthday this weekend, and the exxy-looking white dress she wore is actually anything but.

It retails for just US$60, or $81.80 in Aussie dollars, folks.

birthday behavior ????

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*Grabs wallet and sprints to laptop*

The mid-length, body-hugging number is from US boutique Sorella, and is also available in black, olive, and taupe.

In keeping with the traditional Jenner/Kardashian way, the youngest sister shared approximately 1945947 SnapChats and Instagram selfies in her slinky frock, interspersed with images of the 60-carat (yes, really) diamond bracelet she bought her rapper boyfriend.

Unsurprisingly, her 79 million followers were quick to share their approval of her budget-friendly outfit.


“Love everything about your outfit and glam!” wrote one admirer, another: “Kylie you look so mature in this dress, it’s so good”.


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Another topic of interest was the ring on Kylie’s left hand, which bears a striking resemblance to an engagement ring.

“Anyone else see that rock on her left ring finger!?”

The jewel was actually explained by the makeup entrepreneur herself back in September on SnapChat. With a close-up shot of the oval diamond, Jenner wrote:“If this is my promise ring I wanna know what my engagement ring gonna look like”. (Post continues after gallery.)

After sparking a romance when she was just 17, Kylie and Tyga have been together for over two years. The rapper has a child, a son named King Cairo from a relationship with Blac Chyna, who also happens to be Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian’s fiance.

Ahhhh, celebrity families, right?