12 years ago, Kylie Booby won Australian Princess. This is what her life looks like now.

She had the best name of any Australian reality TV star ever: Kylie Booby.

She won the second season of Australian Princess, which saw 12 ordinary Aussie girls transformed into sophisticated ladies, with the help of Princess Di’s butler, Paul Burrell. And she gave us one of the all-time great reality TV moments, when she confused Fergie, Duchess of York with Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas.

So what’s Booby up to now? Well, she’s got a new name, and a rank instead of a title, but she still feels like a princess.

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It was 2007 when the tiara was placed on Booby’s head and she got to hang out with a real-life royal, Prince Mikush. After that, the NSW beauty therapist made a couple of TV commercials and did some radio in Newcastle. But then she went quiet.

“I didn’t really experience what online bullying could be like until I’d been on that show,” she tells Mamamia from her home in Queensland. “You get thrown to the wolves, a little bit. No one gives you a handbook on how to deal with everyone having an opinion on your personality or your life choices.”

She also felt that people approaching her in the street expected her to come up with funny comments, like she did on the show.

“I just felt like I was disappointing people. I’m like, ‘I’m actually kind of boring’.”

Kylie Booby now
Not long after the show aired, Booby married her boyfriend, Pete Molloy. Image: Supplied.

Although she liked the idea of a career in the media – maybe even a role in Neighbours – she didn’t push for it. Instead, she just hid.


“I didn’t really know how to deal with the whole spotlight thing, and taking the good with the bad. So I ran away quite fast.”

Not long after the show aired, Booby married her boyfriend, Pete Molloy, and took his surname. Two of the other girls from Australian Princess, Stephanie Jenkinson and Amanda Lavis, were bridesmaids at her wedding.

So how did she feel about no longer being a Booby?

“It kind of dulled my spark a little bit,” she says with a laugh. “Having a name like that does make you stand out. It gave me a little bit of an edge to my personality.”

But she’s happy to be a Molloy, like her husband and their three children – Cooper, nine, Capri, seven, and Cruz, four.

“We’ve created a really good life together,” she says.

Kylie Booby now
“We’ve created a really good life together,” she tells Mamamia. Image: Supplied.

Molloy says her husband was proud of her when she was on Australian Princess, and is still her “biggest fan”. However, her children are not impressed that she used to be on TV.

“I say to my kids, ‘Oh, I won a reality TV show and I’m a princess.’ My son goes, ‘Oh, you’re not that famous. You need to get on YouTube and be a gamer.’”

Four years ago, Molloy joined the Royal Australian Air Force. She works as a crew attendant, and has a rank – Corporal.

“It’s a good job,” she says. “I travel around the world.”


She and her husband also run a business called Mentally & Physically Strong.

Molloy lost the labret piercing a long time ago (“I don’t recommend my kids ever do anything like that”) and is happy with how she looks.

Kylie Booby now
Molloy now works for the Royal Australian Air Force. She is a crew attendant, and has a rank – Corporal. Image: Supplied.

“I think I’ve grown into my look a lot,” she says. “I work out, I make sure I’m in a good mental state and I make sure I nourish my body.”

Looking back, Molloy is glad that her beauty therapist boss pushed her into applying for Australian Princess. She describes being on the show as “a unique growing-up”, and says she also learnt a lot from the online bullying that came afterwards.

“It just made me realise how important it was to be kinder to people and to really think about words and how much they can affect other people’s lives.”

Amazingly, she’s still “really good friends” with Prince Mikush.

“Mikush is actually an interior designer,” she explains. “He lives a very normal lifestyle. He does a few ads – he did an earwax ad – and a few other little things.”

Molloy says she felt like a princess when she was on the show, and that hasn’t changed.

“I’m really blessed with an amazing husband. I feel like that every day.”

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