The Kyle and Jackie O show went on air this morning... but Kyle was noticeably absent.

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands was late to work this morning and the reason why is a little bit ridiculous. The KIIS FM host called in to the studio from a McDonalds parking lot in Los Angeles to explain the ordeal he’d suddenly found himself in.

He described himself as standing there, smoking a cigarette and sipping a half-drunk Maccas latte. “Oh, it’s a nightmare,” he said of the ordeal.

Kyle told fellow co-host Jackie O he had become stuck at a McDonalds after forgetting to fill up his car with petrol as she explained, “I forgot to put fuel in it and yes I did go to McDonalds.”


He continued to share how he had become a lightning rod for the road rage of passing cars and buses. “I’m causing a massive traffic pile-up,” he admitted. “People here they don’t understand hazard lights here – see this blink-y light? They mean car no work-y.”

Jackie decided to give Kyle a few tips on how to get to the LA studio. “I’m told you’re only minutes away from the studio, so you could literally just start walking to the studio,” she suggested.

Kyle laughed uproariously at the suggestion before replying in true Aussie fashion:”yeah, nah.” “Hitchhike, get a cab,” Jackie replied.

The offers were similarly shrugged off.


The tow-truck eventually came and Kyle was saved from the incident but not from the embarrassment that followed. The radio host said his embarrassment was tenfold due to petrol levels being something a man should never neglect.

“As a man I feel even more embarrassed because it’s something a man should just never do,” he shared.

The gender bias didn’t go unnoticed by Jackie who pressed him on it. “What are you saying that only women would do that?” She asked.

“No. I’m just saying as a man I feel extra embarrassed,” Kyle said, flustered at the suggestion. He said the true culprit of the scenario was his inability to hear the “ding, ding” of the petrol warning system.

“You can’t hear the ding ding – can’t hear all those things,” he said. “I had the music blasting, I was loving life.”

We know, Kyle. You were at McDonald’s. You were lovin’ it.

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