FLUFF: Kyle Sandilands gives incredible excuse for speeding.

Kyle Sandilands has been caught speeding again. But it’s not his fault. It’s his car’s. Obviously.

Kyle was pulled over 10 minutes away his home for going 10km over the speed limit in his shiny Range Rover. With just one teeny tiny point left on his driver’s licence, he decided to lash out at his own vehicle.

“I have lost points for speeding before but I just feel this is not my fault and I think Range Rover should take responsibility,” he said on radio this morning. 

He continued: “Range Rover have admitted a fault, that there is a fault with the coaxial cable in the dash and it’s going to take three weeks to fix. They don’t even know what’s wrong with it. It’s a new glitch.”

But, ah, the Range Rover dealership hasn’t seen Kyle’s car and decline to take responsibility for the incident… Which is awkward for ol’ Kyle.

Which of Kyle’s other many indiscretions could we blame on objects while we’re at it?

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