Kyle Sandilands admits that for the first time ever, he regrets airing an interview.

Controversial radio host Kyle Sandilands has admitted that he ‘feels bad’ about an interview that aired on his top rating radio show yesterday.

In the wake of Mel B’s split from husband Stephen Belfonte, the KIIS FM hosts chatted to Jeremiah Stansbury, Stephen’s brother, in a bid to get the goss on the marriage breakdown.

During the interview, Jeremiah claimed that Mel B and Stephen had a “very fun, loose, open relationship” and alleged that the famous singer has “relationships of her own … with women”.

Jeremiah also claimed on air that he “ain’t got nothing bad to say about Steve,” before launching into a full blown character assassination.


“I have no problem with anything Steve has ever done — except for the few times he’s robbed me, ripped me off, blatantly lied to me and embarrassed me,” he said.

On this morning’s show, Kyle admitted that he wasn’t proud of the segment.

“Driving home I thought, I don’t know how I feel about having Stephen Belafonte’s brother on,” he said.

Sandilands, who is friends with both Mel B and her ex-husband, is now concerned that they will find out about the interview.

“I know what she’s going to do,” he said, while imitating Mel B’s voice, “You put his brother on there, all my secrets on the radio, all for your bloody ratings”.

The radio host then admitted that it was true – they interviewed Jeremiah to create a scandal.

“The only reason we had Mel B’s ex-husband’s brother on, it’s a stretch, is because we knew he was going to say scandalous s**t.

“I did feel bad. First time ever, mind you. I feel like I’ve done the wrong thing by her.”

Kyle Sandilands on his relationship with Imogen Anthony.

This is not the first time the 45-year-old shock jock has done something controversial on air.

Only last week Kyle admitted that the first time he and girlfriend Imogen Anthony had sex, the now 26-year-old was “so blind” he wasn’t sure she “was conscious”.

He also shared that he had warned her when they first met, “I’m not chasing you around the block with a hard-on… If you keep your legs closed, there’s no way I’m chasing you”.