"Dear Kyle Sandilands. I used to despise you. Now, you're the perfect boyfriend."

Dear Kyle,

I’ll start by saying I never thought I would be writing this. No, really.

Not in a million years did I picture myself dedicating my undying love to you, or even – and I’ll be honest here – walking past you on the street without spitting a bit in your direction. 

Yet here we are.

I admit, posing for this photo with your girlfriend for Maxim magazine doesn’t scream “husband material”.

Paying a man to give himself a blow job on live radio does not shout "sensitive new age man".

Describing yourself as "only associating with the number one position" in life hardly suggests "modest yet generous lover".

But Kyle, I'm willing to overlook that nonsense.

I'm willing to take our relationship to the next level.

Because I think you might be the (accidental) perfect boyfriend.

It started last week, when you announced to the nation that you insert your girlfriend's tampons for her.

Kyle, I owe you an apology. I had you pegged as a "sequester those women away in the moon tent while they expel the demons from their wombs" kinda guy.

The idea of menstruation has most men running for the hills, but not Kyle. Kyle's getting all up in there.

Finally, a man who isn't just not weirded out by normal female bodily functions, but is willing to help a sister out. (And by the way, Imogen, if you're listening, putting in a tampon with fake nails is a real issue. I'm behind you all the way. Sorry about trying to steal your boyfriend).

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Kyle, from the moment your stubby fingers first touched your partner's menstrual blood, you made it clear that you prioritise helping the woman you love over everything else. That you're above social stigma and the lure of the "ick" factor when it means doing what needs to be done for your lady.

And that is incredibly - and surprisingly - awesome.

Only a week later, you dropped another bombshell, this time on an even more controversial feminist issue. You told the world, again on live radio, that you are pro-choice, are in favour of men and women sharing the costs of abortion, and have paid for a girlfriend to have an abortion in the past.

“I believe a woman can do whatever she pleases," you said.

“Why is it always the girl paying? It’s our fault.”

This may going out on a limb, but since we're in love, I'm just going to say it: Kyle, you are a feminist icon. I wish there were more men prepared to publicly support the pro-choice movement. I hope splitting the costs of abortions becomes the norm, instead of the exception to the rule.

And it is my dream - oh, my wildest dream - to hear the words "a woman can do whatever she pleases" from millions more powerful, big-mouthed men like you.

So, dearest Kyle: if you promise to never, ever pose for Maxim again, I think you and I can make things work.

Call me.

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