Kyle Sandilands loves dating a 25-year-old. Because she lets him eat cheese.

Kyle Sandilands might be an almost-married man now, but over his career he has been, as he freely admits, “filthy.”

Like that time when he was working on a breakfast show in Perth and he was simultaneously engaged to a newsreader, dating a woman that worked in research, while also “having sex with all the promotional girls.”

“Plus I had obsessive compulsive disorder, and [was] fully addicted to marijuana. So not the best, fully-grounded employee to have,” he explains to Meshel Laurie on this week’s episode of Nitty Gritty Committee.

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He is somewhat surprised he doesn’t already have multiple kids running around yet… because of the unconventional choice of contraception he preferred using during that time.

“I was always on the withdrawal method. I’d always be like, ‘I might get one more away, ohhhh sorry, oh sorry babe, you might have to run down and get the morning-after pill.'”

And if there is one thing you can count on Kyle Sandilands to be, it is unabashedly frank. An example of which is the time, after his two-year marriage to Tamara Jaber ended in 2010, and he tried to get over his heartbreak by “ploughing through these models and actresses…by the dozens.”

“You know I’d say, ‘Oh have you got  a condom?…and they’d go, ‘oh you don’t have to… all other guys don’t like it, they say it doesn’t feel as good,’ and then I’d think to myself, ‘God, how many people has this chick been with?’

Well, he’s dubbed a shock jock for a reason, people.

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But despite the uninhibited, riotous sexual behaviour of Kyle’s past, his life is quite different now. The shock jock has been with his 25-year-old girlfriend Imogen Anthony for five years.

They talk about having kids, maybe in the next three years. They live on a farm, ’cause she reckons he is much calmer when he is out of the city.

“She keeps me youthful. If I wasn’t with her I’d be watching Home and Away and then going to bed at 7.30. I’m up until midnight now…eating melted cheese on toast. If I was dating someone my own age, they’d be like, ‘Do you really think that you should be eating that melted cheese on toast?’ I think yes, I want to eat it. She lets me eat it, because she doesn’t realise yet, only being 25, that that’s not the right thing to eat.”

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Their 19-year age gap is no big deal for Kyle, except for a couple of things…

“I like picking her up when she goes out..I drop her off with her girlfriends, [like], ‘you ring me, don’t worry about getting a cab, you ring me.’ FIVE AM she’s ringing… I’m like a free uber driver.” he says.

“No, you’re like a Dad,” Meshel responds with perfect timing.

And, according to Kyle, Imogen also keeps him “youthful” in one other way.

“I’ve got to put out like a 25-year-old… not like a 45-year-old. Like three minutes, which a lot of people are happy with, she’s not happy with that.” he says.

In the interview, Kyle also opens up about what happened when he first met Jackie O and how he subsequently engineered them to be the nation’s most powerful radio duo.  Plus, how he feels he has imposter syndrome and why he mended his relationship with his father before he passed away. 

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