Kyle Sandilands talked about abortion this morning. And he made a lot of sense.

Kyle Sandilands is suddenly making sense to us. What’s happening to the world?

On this morning’s edition of The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the KIIS FM shock-jock not only revealed that he is pro-choice, but also that he once paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion.

Sandilands’ comments came during a segment inspired by US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s assertion that there should be “some form of punishment” for women who abort a pregnancy.

Kyle wasn’t impressed: “You’re on your own there, Donald.” he said. “I believe a woman can do whatever she pleases.”

The hosts opened the question of abortion punishment up to their audience, and it actually sparked a surprisingly meaty debate around who ought to absorb the cost of the procedure.

“Why is it always the girl paying?” asked Kyle. “It’s our fault.”

Cheers, Kyle. via Instagram/kyleandjackieo

One anonymous caller, who said she works at an abortion clinic, confirmed that the emotional and financial cost is nearly always shouldered by the woman.

“There’s a huge fee,” she said, stating that it generally costs upwards of $490.

“Yeah, I know” responded Kyle. “I’ve paid for it before” (though he said that he’d previously paid three times that).

A spokesperson for the show was quick to clarify to Daily Mail Australia that Sandilands’ statement was not referring to his current girlfriend, Imogen Anthony (pictured above).

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