Kyle Chalmers' grandparents celebrating his gold medal win is everything.

Stop whatever it is you’re doing, this is infinitely more important and a lot cuter.

After Kyle Chalmers incredible Olympic win in the 100 meter freestyle, a video has surfaced of the swimmer’s grandparents, Malcolm and Julie Bagnell, proudly watching on from their living room in South Australia, progressively losing their cool as they realise their 18-year-old grandson has just won a gold medal.

Going into the race in Rio on Thursday, Chalmers was an outside contender for a medal, but broke ahead of the pack in the final seconds, claiming gold for Team Australia.

Matt Chalmers win at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Source: Getty

"It's gold, it's gold," Malcolm cheered while jumping up from this armchair.


Giving a quick kiss to Julie, the proud grandfather continued to fist pump and cheer with tears in his eyes, while Julie stayed seated, crying silently.

"Magic. Absolutely magic," Malcolm said proudly.

kyle chalmers grandparents

Olympic gold medalist Kyle Chalmers' grandparents Malcolm and Julie Bagnell celebrating with a kiss. Source: Channel 9 News

Video footage of the students at Chalmers' South Australian high school filmed during the race is also well worth a watch, with students roaring with cheers following the momentous win.

Is there anything greater than the unbridled pride of a grandparent? Not bloody likely.