Kyle and Jackie O got punked. They did not respond well.

If there’s one thing that KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O love, it’s a good old fashioned, “gotcha!” prank. But oddly enough, when the joke is turned on them the pair don’t seem to find it too funny, which is exactly what happened earlier this week.

When delivering the famous pair their show’s ratings for the week, show director Derek Bargwana decided to pull a Joe Hockey and have a bit of fun with the numbers.

kyle and jackie o ratings

The pair proudly hold the number one breakfast radio spot. Source: Facebook

Pretending the show had dropped a number of points and been knocked off their "number one radio show" pedestal all in the name of a laugh, Bargwana pulled a double punch in pretending they'd been replaced by rival hosts, Rove and Sam.

And lets be clear here - in the world of radio, there is no greater tower on which to stand than top spot. That sweet, sweet, number one radio show brag that can be used at dinner parties, to get out of parking fines, and mostly just to get first dibs on the canapés when attending industry events.

So telling the duo that their spot at the top was gone? That's cold, Bargwana. Real cold.

Listen to the Kyle and Jackie O ratings prank below. Post continues... 

Video via KIIS FM

Naturally, the revelation was met but shock (Kyle) and a swathe of expletives (Jackie). But what comes next was really the ice cold clincher.

"Rove and Sam have gone up 3.7," Bargwana told the breakfast hosts. "They beat us," he continues incredulously.

It's no secret that the comedian and former contestant on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have failed to find their audience, with ratings for the Rove and Sam show frequently falling well below that of their competitors. So for Kyle and Jackie O to be told they've been beaten by them... well, we can understand their disbelief.

kyle and jackie o ratings

The pranksters were more shocked than anything. Source: Facebook.

"Fucking hell," O says, to which Sandilands adds, "obviously something's not quite right there."

"Rove and Sam have beaten us," O continues. "Its like fucking crazy. Oh dear, I actually feel sick."

We're pretty sure that sickness is just the taste of revenge as served to you by Bargwana, Jackie.

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