A Kyle and Jackie O hidden camera prank has gone really, really wrong.

Another day, another farting prank gone wrong.

KIIS FM’s ‘Puerto Rican Pedro’ was almost beaten up after unleashing a very unoriginal farting prank on some unsuspecting victims in south west Sydney.

In the segment, Pedro Cuccovillo makes a ‘farting sound’ as he walks in between two men.

However, it seems like Pedro chose the wrong guys to fake fart on.

Once Pedro lets off his fart sound, the guys turn back towards him and one of them can be heard saying: “What the f**k was this bro?”.

Pedro replies “sorry boys” and then tells them he has “stomach problems” before one of the men pushes Pedro with two hands –  nearly hitting people who are walking by.

Pedro then says: “Relax bro, relax bro,” in an attempt to diffuse the situation, before telling them “it’s a prank cuz” and pointing towards the ‘hidden’ camera.

Pedro and the unknown men then appear to laugh off the incident.

Speaking to Confidential, a spokesperson for KIIS FM said Pedro is “absolutely fine” after the incident.

“Once Pedro pointed out the camera to the passers-by and they realised it was all a bit of fun, they all had a laugh and there were no hard feelings.”

However, over on Kyle and Jackie O’s Facebook page some people have criticised the reaction (or overreaction) of the two men.

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“Funny but the blokes at the end need anger management classes to calm down, suck it up princesses,” one person wrote.

“Trust there to be two idiots at the end that always take things to serious,” added another.

What do you think of Pedro’s prank? Did he go too far? 

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