What caused Kyle and Jackie O to be evacuated from the studio today?

It wasn’t Kyle’s fault.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O were abruptly removed from the Kiis FM studio this morning.

It was during a live interview with British singer songwriter, Charli XCX that an alarm went off in the Sydney studio and fire fighters and executives came rushing in to the room.

The duo were ordered to leave the studio immediately. Initially, Kyle refused to hang up from his chat with the 22-year-old artist, making sure he got one more question in before being cut off air.

He's not happy. Image via @kyleandjackieo Instagram.

Kyle wasn't happy about being dragged out of the building and said,  "I'm being dragged out, sorry everyone... [Charli], ring us back tomorrow...".

There was a lot of commotion outside with fire trucks, alarms and sirens. Once the scene calmed down and the radio hosts were let back inside, the device that set off the alarm was revealed.

Kyle and Jackie O tweeted, "The official word is Jackies perfume caused the fire alarms to go off!!" 

And just to make sure we all knew that the cause of the fire was from Jackie's perfume use, this tweet followed.


Who can blame a lady for wanting to smell nice, really.

Do you have an embarrassing story like Jackie setting off a fire alarm with perfume?

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