"My favourite curl-taming product is something most women use in the bedroom."

So I finally redeemed my Mother’s Day voucher – a deluxe facial and a back massage from my local beauty parlour, compliments of my super awesome husband and daughter.

I arrived for my mid-morning appointment and was ushered into a room by one of the young beauticians. After I changed into the robe and was ready for my treatment, the young girl said she would start with my back massage.

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She then asked if I didn’t mind getting a little essential oil in my hair and the conversation went on from there…

Me: No, I don’t mind at all. In fact curly hair, like mine, loves oil, so go right ahead.

Beautician: Okay, great.

Me: And you wont believe what I’ve been putting in my hair this week. Oil is nothing!

Beautician: Oh, really? What?

Me: KY Jelly.

Beautician: What?!

Me: I’ve joined a forum for curly girls, and apparently this is the must-have product for curly hair...

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And the conversation went on from there until it was time for my 'no-talk relaxy time'.

It all started several weeks ago; I gazed into the mirror and could no longer look at the triangular, frizzy mop my hair has become. To say I’ve had a few bad hair days lately would be an understatement. Since becoming a mum, all things beauty-related have taken the back seat. So I decided to change everything. (Post continues after gallery).

I found a new hairdresser. She also has curly hair, so she understands it and is passionate about bringing curls to life. I also joined a forum of curly girls to hunt down that perfect frizz-reducing product.

As I mentioned to the beautician, I soon discovered the secret underworld powers of... KY Jelly. Google it. You'll be amazed how many people are using it and swear by it. Apparently KY has the same ingredients as this super amazing, frizz-taming stuff called Curl Keeper, only half the price.

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It was around the same time that I paid a visit to my gynaecologist. We were discussing all things vagina, when he paused, looked up and said, “Have I ever told you to wash your vagina with hair conditioner?”

KY Jelly. Apparently it's more useful than any of us knew.

“Um, no, you haven't," I responded. "You’ve told me all the things I shouldn't put on my vagina, but we’ve never discussed what I can put on it.”


Years earlier, after applying paint, tea tree oil, yoghurt and paw paw cream to my vagina I was told to leave it alone. “Don’t touch it!” “It’s a self cleaning organ!” So I didn't go near it. For years.

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My gynaecologist recommended hair conditioner for my vag as it is more acidic* than soap. Soap is bad news, but hair conditioner is more suited to the environment down there. It is, of course, only for the outside skin, not for internal application. (Post continues after video.)

Once I was over the initial shock of the whole conditioner-on-my-bits thing, I asked my OB/GYN what product would work best? I have my Paul Mitchell Super Rich Detangling Conditioner or my Kérastase Oléo-Curl Intense. He seemed to think the Paul Mitchell detangling conditioner would be perfectly fine, but coming from a man that barely has any hair, worried me.

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I now feel like I’m living in a Bizzaro World (à la Seinfeld), filled with hair products for your vagina and vagina products for your hair. How did these two worlds collide? And where was I when the product-swapping memo was handed out?

I mean, I’ve heard of models putting hemorrhoid cream under their eyes to reduce puffiness, but KY in your hair and conditioner on your lady bits was something new all together.

Not sure about you, but the world of hair, beauty and personal grooming products totally overwhelms me, and now, even more so. I’ve tried a plethora of products and now I’m looking outside the box and turning to my pantry. Avocado, honey and apple cider vinegar have now joined my hair posse of products.

I was once told I had a “smorgasbord” on my vagina and now it seems I have half a pantry and a bathroom cabinet on my hair. All in the pursuit of lovely locks!

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So lets raise a cocktail glass to happy hair days! If you have any product tips (hair or otherwise), I'd love to hear from you. After all, what's another vegetable in the mix...?

* I found this article useful in explaining the vaginal ecosystem.

Have you ever used a product for a beauty purpose it wasn't intended for?

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