Eyebrow queen Kristin Fisher on the 3 things you should never do to your brows at home.

Last year during lockdown, we had to take our beauty routines into our own hands. 

Because we no longer had the option to pop into a salon to get our nails done, hair coloured or eyebrows waxed, we opted for DIY.

For some, that worked out fine. But for the majority, we learnt through trial and error that it was probably best to hide the tools away and wait to see a professional.

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Video via Mamamia

Kristin Fisher knows a thing or two about brows. As the founder and CEO of the luxe salon Kristin Fisher Eyebrows in Sydney's Double Bay, she's tinted and tamed plenty. 

Appearing on Mamamia's You Beauty podcast, Kristin explained that there are three things you should really avoid doing to your brows at home. And because she's the expert, we took notes.

1. Trim

Trimming your brows might seem like a simple job. Grab some of those 'lil baby scissors and chop off the excess hair, right? Not exactly. 

If you try trimming your eyebrows yourself with no experience, it's very easy to take too much off. One minute you think you're doing just fine and then boom: they're too short. And it's not a good look.

So as Kristin points out, just let the professionals do it.

"Never, ever, ever trim your own eyebrows," she said.

2. Tweeze

The second rule is a little less blunt.

Kristin explained that while it's not bad to tweeze your eyebrows yourself, most people don't know where to remove the hair. So they can end up going a little mad and taking too much off.


"A lot of people take too much hair from the middle of their eyebrows," Kirstin explained. 

"So I say, put your finger above the bridge of your nose, [and] whatever is either side of that you leave, and [whatever is] under the finger you can take. Never tweeze on top of yourself."

"Unless there's a completely rogue hair, never take anything from the top of your brow," she added.

If you're game to do it yourself, Kristin suggests using the Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers, $37.95.

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3. Laminate.

This last one is a little divisive. 

As you've probably noticed, brow lamination has been one of the biggest eyebrow trends over the past year. With fluffy, brushed-up brows well and truly in fashion, this treatment has been popping up everywhere.

However, Kristin Fisher isn't sold on it. 

"We don't laminate. I haven't got anything against it... well, I kind of do and that's why we don't do it," she said on the podcast.

"I just feel like it's not for everyone, not for every hair."

As she explained, everyone has different hair types, and therefore, there's a chance lamination won't work on some brows.

"It's perming the hair and I've seen it done really well but it depends on the hair type. If it's done wrong, hairs can just come out," Kristin said. 

"It has to be done correctly and on the correct hair type," she added.

So if you still want to give the treatment a go, get it done by the professionals. Please don't try this one at home.

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