Six breakfast television interviews that will go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

Live breakfast television can take all kinds of twists and turns.

When adding an interview to the mix, it’s a formula that can result in the most awkward and entertaining segment to simultaneously start your day and make you feel better about all those times you thought people were talking to you when they were actually on the phone.

There are a number of reasons live morning interviews can go wrong. Firstly, it’s early, so some guests might not have properly switched on yet. Secondly, if crossing to overseas talent, there’s always a delay, which can result in the inevitable talking over each other, and thirdly, some guests from across the pond just might not… get it.

But as it all crashes and burns, all viewers can do at home is watch it all unfold, unable to look away, wondering if the cast ever feel envious of the Cash Cow hidden in their giant cow costume away from the utter cringe of it all.

Ahh, the beauty of live television.

Here, we unpack six infamous morning television interviews that make us feel lucky we work behind a computer screen.

Excuse us while we Google if you can die from second-hand embarrassment.

Kristin Davis on Sunrise.

For the love of god make it stop.

Who could forget the curly wig of doom Samantha Armytage donned during a Sex and the City skit that went horribly, horribly wrong?

The year was 2016, and try as we might, we just can't erase it from our minds.

Davis – an activist and UNHCR Ambassador – was in Sydney to speak about her work with refugees when much to her horror, Samantha tossed her a script to re-enact a scene from Sex and the City, which at this point, had wrapped a whole 12 years prior.


Looking utterly appalled while muttering "I don’t know if this is a great idea, frankly”, Davis seemed to look around with a look of sheer desperation, hoping that somebody, anybody, would change the subject to the important work she had come on air to discuss.

Sunrise host Samantha was later dropped as the MC for a UNHCR event.

Though Davis attempted to take it with good grace at the time, she later tweeted in response to a Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece which called the segment "gender-cringe TV at its worst".

At home, we all wanted to hide behind our sofas.

Khloe Kardashian on Sunrise.

Long before Sunrise's now infamous feud with Martha Kalifatidis of Married At First Sight fame, the cast actually had a feud with a real Kardashian.

Perhaps this explains why the Martha feud broke out to begin with. She does look remarkably like the famous sisters, so we forgive Koch for thinking one had initiated round two by allegedly elbowing him at the Logies. (If you haven't read up on the Martha feud – do yourselves a favour and read this.)

Could it be that Kochie actually wants to... be a Kardashian?

It all went down in 2014, when an interview with Khloe was abruptly cut short straight after Samantha asked about her sister Kim's baby, North.

As it transpired, she had agreed to the interview purely to spruik a new range of clothing, so when the question was posed, the interview link was immediately cut. It was later reported they had been warned not to deviate from the subject of the clothing line.


But while an interview cutting out mid-show is awkward enough, it was the shots fired on Twitter afterwards which make this a segment to remember.

When the show tweeted to tell fans the interview was cut short because Khloe's "people" didn't like the line of questioning, Khloe immediately responded; "Get over yourself Sunrise... stop reaching for a story", claiming the call had simply cut out due to a technical glitch.

She later called the show "f*cking desperate".



Koch – who seems to love a cheeky feud (for which we thank him from the bottom of our hearts) – later responded to Khloe's tweets on air, bizarrely pointing out that Khloe's Twitter reach of 9.5 million followers was "about double the size of Rwanda and New Zealand".


The whole thing needed to... not happen.

John Stamos on Mornings with Kerri-Ann.

The year was 2012 when John Stamos came on live television absolutely sh*tfaced, much to Kerri-Ann Kennerley's surprise.

To be fair, if we scored a free trip across the world, we'd probably spend most of it drunk in the early hours of the morning too.

From screaming about vodka and small penises, and some very awkward talking over each other to the point where Stamos was slurring "Aren't I the guest?" to the studio audience, it's a television gift we'll long cherish.

Michael Bolton on The Morning Show.

Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur could do nothing but laugh when singer Michael Bolton seemed to nod off live on air.

The legendary singer had crossed live from Florida when he seemingly fell asleep just before the interview started, claiming there were technical difficulties from his end.

The 65-year-old singer later swore he wasn't sleeping, rather that he had been caught tweeting before the interview went live.

But we think we know a micro sleep when we see one...

Image: Twitter.

Kourtney Kardashian on Today.

While this Kardashian mishap didn't quite result in a Twitter war, Kourtney blatantly ignoring a question about Kim has to go down as one of Aussie TV's finest moments. And by finest, we mean excruciating.

After chatting with Kourtney about her fitness regimen and giving birth, David Campbell proceeded to ask about Kim’s 2016 Paris robbery.

In the nicest way possible, of course, but one that seemingly hadn't been cleared by her people. And if there's one thing we know about the Kardashians' people, it's that they don't mess around.

“You should know that the people of Australia and of our show were very empathetic about what happened and very horrified,” he said.

“We were wondering, how is everyone going and how is Kim doing?”

Kourtney responded with “um...” before looking off camera to someone behind the scenes.

Did she know we could still... see her?

ADVERTISEMENT later reported that when the question was asked, Kourtney’s publicists signalled to her not to answer the question, leaving dead air as Kourtney sat blankly looking off camera.


All Saints on Sunrise.

From the faint sound of a siren in the background amid awkward snippets of dead air, to band member Nicole peering awkwardly off camera and giggling nervously throughout the whole interview, the delay during Edwina Bartholomew's chat with 90s band All Saints was sweaty-palm central.

Things didn't get off to a great start when Edwina greeted the band with "good morning", as they appeared live on cross from the UK where it was almost midnight.

"Good morning to you all and thank you so much for joining us," the host began.

"Never Ever topped the charts in 1997," she continued before they had a chance to respond.

"20 years on it's still a great song, we hear it on the radio, Melanie let's start with you, why do you think your music has endured?"

The band then appeared to laugh nervously before looking at each other and saying "good morning".

From there, the band and Eddie struggled through a conversation full of awkward pauses and uncomfortable side-eye as a delay in the telecast got the better of them.

It was definitely the most awkward giggling we've ever seen on breakfast television.

Can you remember any other awkward breakfast TV interviews? Let us know in the comments section.

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