Survivor winner Kristie has a very unusual plan for her $500,000 prize money.

In an entirely unexpected twist, Kristie Bennett was crowned the winner of Australian Survivor on Tuesday night, walking away $500,000 richer.

The 24-year-old account executive from Sydney shocked the country as she drew votes in her favour from all but one of her former competitors. After the show, she said “You didn’t see me coming, and is there a better game than that?”

Apparently not, Kristie. Apparently not.

This morning, she spoke to Kyle and Jackie O about her obsession with Survivor, what she did after her win, and how she intends to spend her prize money.

When asked if she’d ever considered auditioning for any other reality shows, Kristie admitted that while she loves The Bachelor, it was always going to be Survivor she applied for. Yet, upon further consideration, she said “The Amazing Race was another one I was going to do.”

El, Lee, and Kristie during last night's finale. Image via Channel 10.

Host Kyle Sandilands then asked Kristie about the first thing she did upon finishing the show.

"I sat in a shower for an hour and a half, just on the ground," she said. "And then I just stuffed my face so much, and ended up hugging the toilet bowl."

"I ate so much food the next day, I had like three breakfast's, two snacks, and like chocolate bars, and just went to town."


But it was her plan for how she intends to spend her prize money that truly surprised the KIIS FM hosts. "I'm going to buy a van and convert it," she said. "And travel around Australia and just see everything, and then rescue the oldest dog from a shelter."

"Sound the hipster alarm!" Jackie O responded, before Kyle asked, "Are you turning into a hipster with this money?"

"Are you going to be Australia's richest hipster? Because you don't present as a hipster."

But Kristie defended her plan, explaining "so many people go travelling around the world, but no one sees Australia. Everyone thinks it's for retirees."

Kyle said that the reason no one sees Australia is because "it all looks the same," but Kristie seemed to politely disagree.

Finally, the hosts asked Kristie what her one tip would be for anyone intending on applying for the next season of Survivor.

"Go see a psychologist," she laughed.

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