Kristen Bell just slapped a red carpet reporter after he called her 'baby'.

Did Kristen Bell really just slap a rude reporter during the red carpet premiere of The Boss?

Video footage currently circulating on the interwebs of the attack suggests that yes, she actually did.

Kevin Donnelly, a reporter from The Fix, pushed the microphone into Bell’s and said “you’re the boss … who’s the boss in this? I don’t really care…” in a slurred manner.

Kristen Bell has a meltdown… over a sloth. (Post continues after video.)

Video via TheEllenShow

Bell was then grabbed by Donnelly who continued to say “whoa, baby, baby, wait…”. Which is fair enough, because if you call a woman “baby” that will always go down well.

To cut an awkward story short, his comments resulted in a big old slap across the face. 

He then proceeded to stumble over the barricade, much to the disgust of Bell.

The words “oh my God!” can be heard from the crowd.

Oh my God, indeed.


Kristen is a bit of a joker. (Image via Getty images.) 

However, the authenticity of the video footage is now being questioned.

A simple Google search has revealed that "Kevin Donnelly" has never actually written anything for The Fix.

In fact "Kevin Donnelly" is really an actor/comedian named Brian Unger.

So, unless Unger has decided to forge a path in entertainment journalism, this one's a doozy.

Bell is one of Hollywood's nicer faces, who is known to always play along with joke.

This red carpet joke certainly seems like something Bell would involve herself in. Otherwise, a very awkward red carpet moment has just taken place.

What do you think? Was this interaction for real or just a bit of fun?

See the full video here: 

Video via Just Jared