FLUFF: One of our favourite actresses is pregnant again.

Kristen Bell is pregnant again.

She and her excellent husband Dax Shepard (see below photographic proof of excellence) are bringing another baby human into the world.

Their baby girl Lincoln is about to get a sibling, Entertainment Tonight reports. And the endearingly goofy couple couldn’t be happier. Obviously. What’s happier than baby time?

Kristen and Dax have been really vocal about protecting their children – and other famous people’s kids – from the press. They’ve been surprisingly successful in getting major gossip sites and magazines to stop buying/commissioning/publishing photos of under-age famous people.

That, and they’ve been spent a lot of time being adorable parents together. As evidenced here:

And here:

(Photo via Kristen Bell twitter)

And, in Christmas theme, here:

(via Kristen Bell Twitter)

And, impersonating the crying baby they already have in their lives:

(via Dax Shepard twitter)

Congratulations, happy famous baby-making people. Congratulations.

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