What Kristen Bell's doula says you should pack in your hospital bag.

Lori Bregman is a doula for many celebrities including Kristen Bell and she has created a list for pregnant women on what they need to pack in their hospital bag.

She is the author of The Mindful Mom to Be and says you should have everything ready for the hospital a month before your due date.

Her list for what to include is quite lengthy and involves a lot of things that she says will turn your birthing room into a more relaxing place.

Bregman told US Weekly that she suggests flameless candles to create ‘soft, relaxing lighting’ because it will make women in labour feel more calm. She also suggests facial mist to help when you’re hot and sweaty in the hospital. There is also an electrc aromatherapy diffuser on her list and skin nourishing oil. The celebrity doula told the US publication that she recommends packing a delivery outfit – something like a kaftan – as well as grip socks because hospital floors are cold and slippery.


Bregman says you should definitely have your own pillow because hospital pillows aren’t great. She also suggests women have pieces of affirmations and inspiration as well as a playlist full of meaningful songs.

On her blog, Bregman says that you have to prepare ahead. In addition to packing your pregnancy bag she says you should have childcare arrangements and have someone in place to look after your animals.

“You can go into labour at any moment and you don’t want to be running around without a plan once it starts,” Bregman writes on her blog under How to experience an awesome labor.

And after the birth here’s what you might think when you first see your baby (Post continues after the video)…

“Eat before you go, and get hydrated,” she writes, “because once you get there, they may not let you eat or drink anything!”

What did you pack in your bag, or what would you put on your list?