Was this newsreader fired for being an "outspoken woman"?

Krista Thomas is a radio newsreader. And apparently, she has too many opinions.

So many, in fact, that she might have just lost her job over them.

Krista works on the massively-rating Kyle and Jackie O Show, on KIIS FM in Sydney, part of the large Australian Radio Network (ARN).

As is the way with FM breakfast show newsreaders. Krista is less of a straight reporter, and more a bit-player in the show’s daily cast.

 Krista with Kyle and Jackie O. Picture: Instagram.

Regular listeners would know these things about her.

– She dates a cricket-player, Moises Henriques.

– She has a dog, Moreton, who she dotes on.

– And she regularly disagrees on-air with the tsar of Sydney radio – Kyle Sandilands.

Krista and Kyle been known to go head-to-head after the news on whatever topic Krista has been reporting, from Sydney’s controversial bar lock-out laws, to whether or not cricketers “play-up” on tour. Sometimes, their debates get heated.

And apparently, listeners didn’t like it. A source is reporting that before Krista was fired, a manager told her of a listener survey that found an “outspoken woman going up against Kyle” was a turn-off for fans.

And now, Krista’s lost her job.

She told Mamamia that she understood that after contract negotiations last year, her contract was locked in for 2015.  But just before Christmas Krista was informed that plans had changed and she was no longer needed.

Krista with boyfriend, Moises Henriques and dog, Moreton.

Krista doesn’t blame her powerful boss for what’s happened. “I’m endlessly grateful for Kyle and Jackie O’s support,” she told us. “There’s never been any bad blood between me and Kyle… Now, I just want to move onwards and upwards.”

Krista with her Kyle and Jackie O team. 

She has been replaced by male newsreader Brooklyn Ross.

With Chrissie Swan, Yumi Stynes and Sophie Monk all off the airwaves, it seems being a woman with an opinion is still the most dangerous thing you can hear on an FM radio station.

When ARN were contacted for this story, they said:  “Unfortunately ARN aren’t able to discuss contractual matters.”