Very important PSA: Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts on Halloween (and there's more!).

Krispy Kreme
Thanks to our brand partner, Krispy Kreme

For our family, Halloween is an occasion that has always been a favourite. As a lover of all things scary myself (scary films, scary stories… yep, even black cats), I knew it was only a matter of time before this hallowed affection became a part of my children’s lives as well.

As it turns out, the wait was extremely short because my first child Addi was born on the day itself – October 31 (how could there be anything but inherent Halloween love?).

In our home we tend to get a little carried away with the Halloween Spirit because let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about. From reading our favourite Halloween books like Room on the Broom to dressing up in our most ominous outfits, it’s literally a scream.

But this year it’s like all our Halloweens have come at once. Our family favourite doughnut place Krispy Kreme has joined the feverishly fearsome festivities on our Halloween list with everything from doughnut decorating to monster-themed doughnuts.

But first, the free doughnuts…

For startles – I mean starters – if you dress up Halloween style you are rewarded with a free Original Glazed® doughnut at Krispy Kreme stores on Wednesday, October 31.*

Now, our family really don’t need encouragement in this area (see below), but we are more than happy to bite our fangs into this family Krispy Kreme staple! And it can double as a birthday doughnut for Addi as well, thanks Krispy Kreme.

We clearly need no encouragement. Image: supplied.

Doughnut decorating

For the more creative little monsters, both young and old, who feel they can do better than the Krispy Kreme creations, on October 31 Krispy Kreme have Halloween-themed doughnut decorating in store.

Book into a session and you get two Original Glazed doughnuts for $7.50 and range of toppings, icing and lollies to create your own masterpiece. We know where we'll be haunting this Halloween...

The Krispy Skremes

My mash of monsters and I love a good scare though, so our family’s favourites are the special Krispy Skreme doughnuts and the Skreme Shake. These hauntingly delicious and creepily cute options make for a great treat (not a trick!).

'The Spooky Spider' is this mischievous mum's favourite- the mix of Original Glaze and the Belgian chocolate spider on top make it delicious and fun, just the right Halloween combination. Providing you're OK with spiders, naturally...

The other limited time Halloween varieties include:

  • 'The Chocolate Spiderweb' - this Original Glazed Krispy Kreme is dipped in chocolate and finished with Halloween sprinkles and a Belgian chocolate spiderweb. "That’s the Spooky Spider's home," my youngest daughter Milla observed.
  • 'Skully'- This 'deadacant' skeleton is dipped in red-coloured white chocolate truffle, sprinkled with chocolate biscuit crumb, finished with a Belgian chocolate skull and filled with a choc crème.
  • 'Monster Jam' - Now this cute little fella is almost too gruesome to eat, although not by my eldest daughter who could easily jam this monster into her mouth very quickly! Monster Jam is dipped in green-coloured white chocolate truffle and vanilla biscuit crumb with a candy eye and choc ganache mouth, filled with strawberry jam.

But the one that had Milla literally ‘skreming’ for Krispy Skremes – was the ‘Strawberries and Skreme Shake’.  This clever concoction is made up of real strawberry puree, milk, and vanilla ice cream blended together.


Topped with whipped cream and two Halloween jelly eyes, it's a shakin' experience.

Shaken, not stirred: The Skreme Shake. Image: supplied.


And if you can't make it there...

If you’ve been cursed with bad luck and can’t make it into a Krispy Kreme to try these terrifying treats you can also visit a 7-Eleven store or order the Halloween Dozen (or Original Glazed if you’re a bit of a scaredy cat) online with 31 percent off from October 23 to 30. You can even have them delivered by UberEats too.

Look, it's worth a treat every now and then. And Halloween is the time to enjoy a bit of family fun and frights together, in costume, with a freaky doughnut in hand.

Find your local Krispy Kreme here...and make sure to dress up on October 31!

*Terms and conditions apply, see
Krispy Kreme

No tricks, all treats! It’s the return of the Krispy Skremes! To celebrate Halloween 2018, Krispy Kreme Australia has developed 4 all new delicious doughnuts & a Kreme Shake! They’re the perfect way to treat the family this Halloween! Find your nearest store at