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Kris Smith shares the reason he split from Dannii Minogue.

Model and recently evicted I’m a Celebrity contestant Kris Smith has shed rare light on his relationship with Dannii Minogue and the factors that led to their highly publicised split in 2012.

Speaking to fellow celebrity campmate Steve Price, the 38-year-old admitted he was the one to call time on the relationship, saying the move “ripped [his] heart out”.

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“It got to a point where Dannii – it wasn’t working for anyone.

“We didn’t wanna get in silly bickering arguments in front of Ethan. So the hardest thing I’ve had to do was leave.”

After meeting in Ibiza in 2008, Smith and Minogue welcomed baby Ethan two years later, the first child for them both. Ethan was just two years old when Minogue announced the couple’s separation on Twitter in 2012.

“[Ethan]was very young but I didn’t ever want to see him in an environment where it’s a little bit bitter or argumentative,” Smith said, adding, “all [he] ever wanted in life was to settle down with one woman and have kids with one woman.”

It certainly wasn’t the first time Smith made public elements of his private life while in the jungle, often discussing in vague detail his current relationship with ex-girlfriend Maddy King, whom he split with in October. In his time on the reality show, Smith admitted his relationship status is “complicated” but that the duo are still “talking”.

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More than that, early in his time on the show, Smith told Natalie Bassingthwaite that he blames himself for his current single-status, alluding to a belief that his insecurities led to the demise of more than one relationship in the past.

'"Do you know what, I think I've ruined a lot of them," he said of many of his past relationships.

"[I was] just insecure and jealous. Not anymore, [but] I was because I was insecure - I never believed I was good enough.

"I was really short and heavy as a kid. I always still see that. With age and growing up, I always had that little demon in my head that I was still that little fat kid."

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