Chrissie Swan says Kris Kingle gives us 'rubbish every year' and has a far better alternative.

Chrissie Swan doesn’t think much of the Kris Kringle.

In fact, the radio host has dubbed the popular gift exchange practice the “great landfill experiment”.

“It’s just rubbish every single year,” Swan told The Herald Sun.

The media personality’s major problem with Secret Santa is the low budget often set by the organisers of present-giving circle.

“If you cap a present at $20 or $30, which is what we do at the workplace, it really limits what sort of quality stuff you can get,” the 43-year-old said.

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“That’s why you find rubbish to come in under the budget.”

Rubbish is right. According to CARE  Australia, which Swan is an ambassador for, Australians will waste $179 million on unwanted Kris Kringle gifts this Christmas.

And yet despite the likelihood of giving – and receiving – an unpopular present this year, there’s no getting out of a Kris Kringle, as the mum-of-three pointed out.

“You have to (engage in it) — what sort of grinch would you be if you said, ‘No, I’m not going to do it’?”


Luckily, Swan and CARE Australia have suggested a solution that we can all feel good about: make your gift a useful item for someone in a developing country.

With the #sillyseason fast approaching, #GivingTuesday is time to take stock and give something to those most in need.

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Instead of a mug or a hand lotion set for Karen in sales, buy a goat for a family in Africa, or a backpack for a child in Indonesia.

“If you gave someone an option on an automated finger or a goat for a village, I would say one-hundred per cent of people would go for the goat, particularly at this time of the year when we just have this influx of stuff,” Swan said.

“I think it’s very easy with our lovely lives to forget about other people, that have for their entire lives lived with 95 per cent less than what we’ve always had.

“Not everybody can go and see it first-hand so it’s up to charities like CARE to try and gently remind people.”

To find out more or buy a CAREgift this Christmas visit the website.

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