59 y/o Kris Jenner goes to Paris Fashion Week sans pants. Rocks it.

We’re calling them the Emperor’s New Pants. 

Love or hate her, you have to admire her resolve.

When told by daughter Kim Kardashian to “Gosh, stop dressing like a pilgrim Mom,” Kris Jenner, 59, was all like, “Fine, I’m just not going to wear pants then.”

Here’s what she wore to the Chanel couture runway show in Paris overnight.

She’s one polo neck away from being clad in head-to-toe Chanel. The pants, jacket, clutch, sunglasses and gloves are sanctioned by Karl Lagerfeld – Chanel’s head designer / creative director / main fash-un person.

We have to give her bonus points for her strategic accessories placement. Is she wearing undies? Only that Chanel logo clutch purse knows for sure.

Kidding, the photographers made sure they got this one from every angle.

Of course there has been much speculation on the internet, about whether or not a woman of – gasp – 59 can wear see-through pants in public and get away with it. My personal favourite headline? Hot Granny Kris Jenner Wears Totally See-Through Pants At Paris Fashion Week.

But Jenner has answered her critics with a resounding yes, yes you can wear see through pants and be someone’s grandmother. Because those pants look good. And age limits shouldn’t apply to any outfit choice, obviously.

Regardless if you think she’s taken the style advice to ‘Wear Chanel to the Chanel show’ a little too literally, you have to hand it to the woman who can steal the limelight away from her daughter’s first Superbowl ad, her ex-husband’s potential transition, and her second youngest wearing a fishnet unibrow on the catwalk.

Besides, Kris has really taken it to Kim re: that pilgrim comment.

Well played KJ, well played.

What piece of clothing do you still wear, even though it might not be considered age-appropriate?

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