"Today I am grateful for my family." Kris Jenner breaks her silence after Kim Kardashian's holdup.

The original matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner families has broken her silence on her daughter’s reported robbery.

Kris Jenner posted a written tribute that encouraged her followers to cherish all that life gives them.

The image uploaded to Instagram held the following phrases:

“Every morning is a reminder of how blessed we are.”

“Today I am grateful for my family, who I love more than words can explain. Count your blessings, be grateful always, and cherish every moment you spend with your loved ones.”

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Fans have been mixed in their response with either messages of solidarity or snarky digs at the mother-of-six.

“Your family is lucky to have you,” one fan said.

“Ya you’re grateful for your family ’cause you make 10% off of all of them,” another fan said.


The 60-year-old has been sharing her regular stream of #proudofmykids posts since news broke of the alleged robbery.

The business-as-usual approach taken by members of the Jenner family previously stoked a fire among fans. Fans took particular offense to a post by Cailtyn Jenner last week that placed her smiling happily beside daughter Kylie.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the only members of the family who have not made a post since the alleged attack.

We can only imagine the level of magnitude their initial public appearances and comments will hold.