Not even the Kardashian kids can call Kris Jenner "grandma".

Kris Jenner can be called many things – reality television star, momager, partially plastic. But whatever you do, don’t call her grandma.

Despite being the loving grandmother to five minted little munchkins, the 60-year-old has never been comfortable with the label. After all, she clearly doesn’t fit the grey-haired, spectacle wearing, weak-tea sipping stereotype.

And so, as she told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS this morning, she has ordained that the kiddies adopt an alternative term of endearment.

“They call me Lovey instead of Grandma,” she said.

The nickname is apparently inspired by a friend of her family. “My mum had a friend called Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name,” she previously told People.

Hmm, we’ve only ever heard the word “lovey” uttered by kindly nannas offering plates of assorted biscuits. Should someone tell her?