Kris Jenner has finally confronted Kim Kardashian about her short lived marriage.

Just when you thought we were done with the Kardashians for the day, huh?

Not so quickly.

We have more to report on the upcoming season of KUWTK, and if you thought the family couldn’t possibly handle more drama, you were wrong. Again.

This time it’s old mother hen Kris Jenner taking on the rest.

But before you feel sorry for the Kardashian matriarch for being taken on by her own children, just remember that Kim was once married for only 72 days, and her mother won’t hesitate to smugly drop it in to the argument like a bomb that the others won’t touch.

Tension took on a new form in a new promo for the newest season of the worlds-most-popular-show-that-everyone-pretends-to-hate when Kim criticises her mother for helping Rob buy a house.

(Side note: How can anyone with the last name Kardashian not afford to buy house…?)

"You should not be paying for your son, who is almost 30 years old, to buy a house," she tells her mother. Which, may I add, would be quite a logical sentence if they didn't all have pools of money and started to relate to the rest of us.

"Drop him. Cut the cord," Khloe pushed every so kindly.

"All of you can f*ck off and go and think of something else to talk about," Kris snapped back. And she certainly didn't stop there.

"I've seen you guys through so much sh*t that you do that I have to f*ckin' put up with. 'I'm married for 72 days!' Really? That was normal!

"I mean, the sh*t that we've all gone through? You guys can do anything you want and it's okay and I'm supposed to accept it all. And I'm going to do the same for him. So stop judging me!"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the argument stopped right about there. Because the minute your mum starts sarcastically mocking your life choices is a minute you stop fighting back.

Watch a trailer for the upcoming season:

Video via E! Online.
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