Kris Jenner just got brutally booed off stage.

Show business is a fickle mistress, which “momager of the century” Kris Jenner knows all too well.

The matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan was introducing Boy George and the Culture Club  at the iHeart80s Party in Los Angeles on the weekend — looking appropriately fab in a black suit and bowler hat, we might add — when she was inexplicably booed off the stage.

As she reminisced about her obsession with the 80s pop icon’s music/style/what have you, the booing reached a fever pitch.

Honestly, it was pretty brutal.

At one point a mystery voice called for mercy, shouting “Hey! Hey people!” through the PA, but the meanies were merciless.

Watch it here:

Video via I Heart Radio

Ever the professional, Jenner didn’t falter.

She looked pretty awks though.

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