ROAD TEST: 'Everyone is obsessed with deer milk skincare right now, so I tried this ingredient to help strengthen my nails. Here's what I found.'

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My hands. They feel so... left out.     

If you're anything like me, you're ALL over the skin care for the face and body – but you tend to forget to take care of your poor little hands and nails. 

And they deserve more. Goodness, they do. They work so hard! And they age so fast. It's about time we paid a little more attention to them. 

So, you know what I did? I decided to not be a jerk and start giving my digits a bit of love.

In a quest to achieve silky paws and stronger nails, I used kōtia's Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream

Heard of it?

The ultra-hydrating formula smooths skin and helps strengthen nails, making them stronger and healthier by utilising a particularly innovative ingredient: deer milk. 

Yes, deer milk. You read that right. Deer Milk Peptide Complex DMP-K7™ if you want to get all fancy (go on, we don't mind). 

Wait. Why is everyone talking about deer milk?

There's been a big ol' buzz around deer milk skincare as of late, but in case you had your headphones and didn't hear, we'll give you a breakdown on why the ingredient has become kind of A Big Deal.

Obviously using milk in skincare is nothing new. As any good beauty geek would know, milk is rich in B vitamins and antioxidants, as well as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) such as lactic acid. 

While cow, goat and sheep milk are usually the go-to sources for this skin-loving ingredient, New Zealand brand kōtia has changed the game with deer milk. 

Now it's shaping up to be one of beauty's best-kept secrets with extra benefits for the skin.

Y'see, compared to other milks, deer milk is high in naturally occurring vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin E and vitamin D3, which are powerhouse ingredients for tackling anti-ageing and boosting the skin’s regeneration process.


What's more, deer milk is also high in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that both calm and protect the skin.

So, what's so good about kōtia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream?

Good question, gold star for you.

Look, kōtia's Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream is not just your average hand cream I've found. There's a little more to this formula than your run-of-the-mill hand cream.

The formula is totally unique to anything you've ever used before, which I loved. kōtia uses an ethically sourced deer milk complex, and it contains a natural source of proteins and amino acids (as well as all the good stuff above) to help ensure your hands are optimally hydrated and nails feel stronger. 

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They then add a cocktail of nourishing ingredients like olive oil extracts, shea butter and keratin to keep the skin barrier intact, helping to prevent signs of preventing premature ageing. This combination of lush butters and oils keeps your hands feeling silky and soft, and your cuticles and nails feeling healthy and strong.

What's more (yep, MORE good things), the moisturising, calming and smoothing properties of kiwi fruit oil, which is rich in vitamin C, E and omega 3, means kōtia Hand and Nail Cream will leave your hands hydrated for up to 24 hours (almost unheard of in the hand cream game).

Yep, it's a serious all-rounder.

What's the best way to use kōtia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream?

Daily! On your hands! (Obvs).

kōtia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream is a slam dunk for anyone who wants an easy-to-carry tube that you can use on-the-go. It was perfect for chucking in my handbag: you won't experience any leakage, mess or any of that garbage I can attest.

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Oh and hey, just keep in mind that a little goes a long way with this formula - okay? So go easy. I found two pumps were definitely enough for drier hands, and only one was perfect for a quick re-hydration.

Just apply the cream to your fingers first, and massage into your hands until fully absorbed.

What's the verdict?

Okay! Now for the good part. Does this fancy deer milk hand cream actually work?

I've been using kōtia's Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream on my hands and nails for over a week now and I can honestly say I've noticed some impressive results.

As we're creeping closer to winter, my hands and nails were obviously getting quite dry and brittle (picking off my shellac manicure does not help).

After consistently using kōtia's Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream every day (and topping up as required), I've found that my hands look and feel smoother and softer, and the hydration lasts. Goodness, it lasts. 

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And my nails! This is probably where I've noticed the biggest difference. My nails feel a hundred times stronger than they did pre-kōtia love, and I've noticed that they have stopped flaking and peeling at the ends (big win for me. HUGE). 

Plus, I'm not sporting those pesky rag nails anymore.

My favourite part? It absorbs instantly and won't leave your hands feeling sticky or slippery. Gold star.

Are your hands and nails calling out for kōtia's Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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Finally, a Nail cream that ACTUALLY works. A rich & restorative hand cream that deeply nourishes through the regenerative power of deer milk. Scientifically developed to help strengthen and restore nail health.