Korean woman has surgery to look like her idol, Miranda Kerr.

A young Korean woman has gone to extreme lengths to transform herself into one of Australia’s most famous supermodels. While the rest of us sit idly by and simply admire how beautiful Miranda Kerr is, Hong Yuh Reum decided that that just wasn’t good enough.

Hong has resorted to plastic surgery to change her eyes and nose, also adding in baby blue contact lenses to transform herself into Miranda’s doppelgänger. 

Hong is so taken by the Aussie star that she’s also transformed the walls in her bedroom with pictures of the model and tries to emulate her effortless style. Hong had this to say about her decision:

“I love the way Miranda Kerr looks. She is beautiful and has got some special charms that captivate my attention.”

Hong goes on to say she never regrets her choice of having the plastic surgery. When asked what she would do if she ever met the supermodel?

“First I will take a picture and get an autograph. I want to tell her that I respect her so much and that I even want to resemble her toe-nails.”

Alright, officially went too far with the toe nails….