Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Kochie just tried to take on three superstar women, joking men “work harder”. It went as well as you’d expect.

(Image via Channel Seven.)

Sexist jokes really aren't that funny anymore (were they ever?). One person who's clearly missed the memo though, is Sunrise's David Koch.

During a discussion about the legitimacy of the man flu with guests Jackie Franks, Kristie Mercer and Melissa Hoyer, the breakfast TV host decided it was a good time to bring out an old-as-time cliche disguised as a joke.

"It's in the research. Science has proven... we get worn out because we work harder," Kochie said, even though that's not what the research said at all.

Cue outraged gasps from each of the women, with Franks pointing out that co-host Sam Armytage actually gets up earlier than him to do hair and makeup. Something Kochie tried to scuttle around by saying, "She doesn't need to."

Except she does. It's expected of her. And we're willing to bet that extra hour she's expected at work each morning is not factored into her pay.

And we're sorry, but we really don't think that's something to laugh about.

2. Just some baby news for your Wednesday: James Corden welcomes a baby girl!

(Image via Getty.)

Everyone's favourite Carpool Karaoke host, James Corden, has welcomed a baby girl with his wife Julia.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the now father-of-three said he was justifiably happy.

"Today we welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world. Both she and her mother are doing great. We can’t stop smiling," The Late Late Show host wrote.

He also thanked former One Direction member Harry Styles for stepping up to host the show with "two and a half hours notice".

The couple's newborn is a little sister for six-year-old Max, Carey, three. Congratulations to the whole family!

3. Paris Hilton couldn't be more Paris Hilton, gets in feud with photographer about the origin of the 'selfie'.

We've officially reached peak levels of 2017 in which Paris Hilton is in a tiff with renowned art collector and photographer Johnny Pigozzi over who invented the 'selfie'.

Who invented the selfie Paris Hilton
Clash of the titans. Images via Instagram and Getty.

The great debate occurred at the opening of his show 'Charles and Saatchi: The Dogs,' in which he says that he piloted the form in 1974 with his picture with Faye Dunaway, in which Hilton went to argue that it was her 2006 selfie with Britney Spears that truly pioneered the movement.


While Vanity Fair sides with Pigozzi, we're going to stay diplomatic on this one, and say both have forwarded (?) the craft of photography just in their own special, and unique ways."

Let's just call this one a tie.

4. Only Amal and George Clooney give out headphones to their fellow passengers on a plane.

ICYMI wonder duo / power couple / strong contenders for the monarch if the US were to return to a monarchy, Amal and George Clooney are truly to good for this earth.

On a recent trip back to the UK with their new twins, the Clooney's supplied every passenger on board with noise-cancelling headphones, which reportedly contained a note "apologising ahead of time" and carried the Casamigos logo - the name of Clooney's tequila brand.

Amal and George Clooney
We don't deserve the human purity that is Amal and George Clooney. Image via Getty.

According to one lucky recipient, and secret spy for Page Six, although a lovely gesture, they weren't needed in the end as the "babies didn’t make a peep!"


All we can say is, thank you for combining your wonder genes and reproducing. You've made us better people for it.


5. In case you missed the memo, The Bachelor's Keira and Jarrod are "totally" getting married.

If you’re feeling a little dreary on this hump day, let me share some cataclysmic, highly important, earth-shattering news with you all: The Bachelor‘s ultimate villain lady Keira Maguire and The Bachelorette‘s ultimate pot plant fanatic Jarrod Woodgate are getting married.




Well kinda. Potentially. Not really at all, actually.

You see New Weekly, purveyor of all things factual and true, report the duo is planning to walk down the aisle pronto.

Under the headline ‘EXCLUSIVE: Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire are in love and getting married’, the gossip mag explained that an “on set spy” told them Jarrod and Keira are “the real deal” after photos of their “red hot pashfest” on The Bachelor in Paradise were leaked to the media.

Where’s the ‘they’re getting married part?’ I hear you ask. Well, apparently the below quote indicates that the pair are ABSOLUTELY 100% DEFINITELY GETTING MARRIED AND HAVE 11 KIDS AND A PET DOG NAMED GERARD NOW.

“Keira’s always wanted a husband and kids… That’s the whole reason she signed up for the show.”

See, you guys? See?!