David Koch posts a MAKEUP FREE selfie on Instagram, with fans asking: “Are you OK??”

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He may be best known for his sparkling on-screen persona, but today Kochie has his fans seriously concerned after he shared a shocking and raw photograph on social media.

Yes, David Koch shared a makeup free selfie.

It seems the TV star shunned the hair and makeup crew, and even dodged his own vast collection of cosmetic products to capture this picture. But it has fans asking, why?


In the picture the 64-year-old father of four stated that he was making his return to hosting Sunrise following a holiday, but it seems he might need some more rest. 

He sported tired eyes, an unshaven face and deliberately cropped out his torso in an attempt to conceal his modesty - despite taking to social media many times before to flaunt his body.

Many fans are now concerned for Kochie's welfare with users commenting, "what's wrong with you?" and "don't you have any self-respect?" with some even praising the hair and makeup department at Channel Seven.

"Someone give the Sunrise makeup team a raise STAT. They must work overtime to sort out that face every morning."

David Koch is usually spotted in his all-too-familiar suits for his morning segments, and we can only hope that we will be back to normal programming following this rogue and frankly scarring share from Kochie today. 

Feature Image: Mamamia

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